The Forge

Custom designed ornamental metalwork, hand forged to last a lifetime. The natural beauty of ironwork can complement any architectural style and is built for the century with quality craftsmanship that is virtually maintenance free. In collaboration with the client and architect, we offer custom elements that fulfill all the artistic and technical goals of the project. Our ability to respond with designs in an appropriate style and budget has earned the gratitude of a wide variety of clients over the years.

Morall Olson, our Master Craftsman, always finds a sense of gratification on the tactile level when he shapes steel made malleable by the heat of the fire. Making things of beauty and utility for other people has always provided him with great satisfaction. Morall is truly a master at creating beautiful hand forged building elements that enhance and add quality to our construction projects. His goal is to produce items that will stand the test of time, with respect to design and craftsmanship alike.