Robertson & Olson Construction has a highly experienced and well-qualified team of professionals. Our office is a collaborative atmosphere where you will regularly see small groups working. Owners, architects and engineers are welcome and frequent work partners in our office.

To ensure top performance during every Robertson & Olson project, we promote quality from the top down. President Matt Olson holds his staff and all subcontractors accountable for every aspect of every project. The message of “building it right the first time” is reinforced from start to finish, and each project team member is expected to consistently meet or exceed high performance standards.

Our company stands out in the construction industry because of the caliber of people controlling everyday operations. Our key staff members are the backbone of Robertson & Olson, and each of them is personally and professionally committed to the Robertson & Olson tradition of reliability, fairness and integrity.

Our team includes top thinkers and communicators, dedicated project team members, quality craftsmen and relationship-oriented individuals—all of whom continually strive for excellence each and every day.

Matt AOlson
- President -

Nathan Alandt
- IT Specialist -

Andrew Baxter
- Field Supervision -

Mitchell Bergman
- Project Management -

Ashley Collins
- Accounting -

Mike Cranmer
- Field Supervision -

Mike Crockford
- Field Supervision -

Shaun Curtin
- Schedule Management -

Brian Dudley
- VP of Construction -

Josh Eubank
- Estimating -

Kathy Flagg
- VP of Finance -

Dennis Frye
- Schedule Management -

Dan Gregory
- Project Management -

Rachel Jirik
- Marketing -

Dan Kopp
- Field Supervision -

Eric Kraal
- Field Supervision -

Chad LeDoux
- Field Supervision -

Stewart Leinan
- Project Management -

Craig Ley
- Safety -

Jamason Lindeman
- Field Supervision -

Darin Norum
- Project Management -

Nate Racanelli
- Project Engineering -

Dennis Schmid
- VP of Operations -

Jim Sheppard
- Project Management -

Tammy Shoff
- Administrative Assistant -

Cindy Stecher
- Controller -

Kerey Stickel
- Field Supervision -

Adam Stillson
- Estimating -

Adarsh Suresh
- Project Management -

Dwayne Zubieta
- Special Project Supervision -