Safety Culture

Robertson & Olson Construction, Inc. takes pride in maintaining a safe work environment free of incident or injury for all employees, subcontractors, clients and job sites. An Injury-Free Environment (IFE) requires more than just reaching for a zero-injury goal—it involves creating and maintaining a safety culture that permeates everything we do and all that we are. And it’s not limited to active construction sites. Our people at all locations look out for each other and “keep a clean house.” Small items can make a big difference.  We have peer review safety and the right to speak up at all levels. We have regular safety meetings on the jobsite, of course, and we discuss current opportunities and threats throughout the project lifecycle.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any single Robertson & Olson employee about his or her belief and understanding of living safe. It’s job #1, for every person.  We believe in evolution of safety management programs in order to ensure our valuable people are improving their safe living for themselves and their families.

Our way of life at Robertson & Olson includes these elements:

  • Safety accountability
  • Safety culture
  • Safety training
  • Safety awareness
  • Workplace responsibility
  • Workplace discipline
  • Job hazard analysis
  • Drug testing
  • Fall protection
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Jobsite safety orientation