Project Assistant

The Project Assistant will perform specific tasks related to the general construction and project management. The successful candidate should have relevant experience in the construction field, be organized, professional, and possess strong computer skills in Timberline and Microsoft Office. They must be able to take direction and prioritize to comply with schedules and deadlines along with communication both verbally and written.

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  • Assisting in the acquisition, updating, distributing, and recording of all construction plans, specs and addenda.
  • Assist in preparing, generating, distributing and recording construction projects.
  • Acquiring, organizing, recording and distribution of reports, job pictures and meeting minutes.
  • Assisting with preparing, track submittals, process, track and post RFI’s (Request for Information) & -ASI’s (Architect’s Supplemental Information).
  • Distributing and recording multiple communication items such as letters, emails, reports and documents.
  • Preparing all close-out documents and recording.
  • Assisting in communication both verbally and written with Project Management, Subcontractors, Owners, Architects, City officials.


  • Experience with construction documents is required; including construction plans, specifications, addenda, contracts, budgets, change orders, submittals, RFI’s and ASI’s, schedules, field reports, materials testing reports, maintaining all logs, any and all other reporting and documentation.