[cq_vc_hotspot image="196" icontype="dot" position="33.93904320987654%|25.60942082111437%,73.23559670781893%|33.657441348973606%,52.604166666666664%|85.51319648093842%,25.806451612903224%|47.76552713987474%," iconbackground="#d15d37" circlecolor="#d15d37" ispulse="yes" pulsecolor="pulse-white" opacity="1" tooltipstyle="shadow" trigger="hover" tooltipanimation="grow" custom_links_target="_self" maxwidth="240"][hotspotitem] Attention to detail never stops, even though roof elements are mostly out of sight. All roof penetrations were coordinated in advance and laid out to precision alignment. [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Sloping grade in urban environment proved to be an opportunity rather than a problem for the design and construction team to capitalize on lower-level parking while maximizing the number of units and views from the finished building. [/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] Literally hundreds of affordable vinyl windows installed to the highest water-intrusion standards available. Multiple exterior elements provide an aesthetically pleasing fa├žade. [/hotspotitem][/cq_vc_hotspot]