Where We Work

Over 20 years ago, Robertson & Olson Construction opened its doors in Vancouver, Washington. We are still committed to serving clients throughout the greater Portland/Vancouver region today, though the reach of our construction services has expanded. We work with clients across the West Coast from Alaska to New Mexico and everywhere in between.

Robertson & Olson is currently licensed in the following states:

  • Washington (ROBEROCO27BA)
  • Oregon (108300)
  • Idaho (RCE-18501)
  • California (800426)
  • Utah (7882487-5501)
  • Nevada (75753)
  • New Mexico (162079)
  • Arizona (ROC2877767)
  • Alaska (38964)

We travel wherever our valued clients ask us to go.

If you have questions about our service area, state licenses, expansion efforts or construction locations, please call or email us directly. If you’d like to know about our premier network of partner companies throughout these varied locations, ask us to build you something special, and you’ll see firsthand why we are highly regarded for quality, reliability and fairness everywhere we go.

Our Value Travels.