Constructability & Sustainability

As Robertson & Olson works through the preconstruction process with each client, constructability and sustainability lead the way. We measure our success based on client satisfaction, so we think it’s vital to use every tool at our disposal to ensure we meet and exceed expectations.


Constructability is a construction management technique that allows builders and clients to get a look at the complete project from start to finish long before we actually break ground. It allows our team to determine the ease and efficiency with which a project can be completed.

Determining a project’s constructability is complicated, but you can rest assured that Robertson & Olson’s team leaders have the experience and expertise necessary to give you an accurate assessment of your project. Along with standard models and methods, value engineering (VE) and building information modeling (BIM) are useful tools in the preconstruction process. Constructability is a vital tool that allows our team to:

  • Identify obstacles
  • Reduce risk
  • Prevent errors
  • Forecast delays
  • Predict cost

Value Engineering

VE is a key component of cost estimating and control. By using VE, our estimating team can determine the “value” of a specific project based on the ratio of function to cost. To do this, we must assess the functionality of a building over its forecasted lifetime and then determine the cost of constructing it. Once this method has been employed and a value ratio determined, we can assess the project’s cost and make suggestions and adjustments as necessary. VE is a great tool that helps our estimating team give you the best recommendations for your individual needs.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM uses an amazingly advanced software program to digitally generate a model of every physical and functional aspect of a project. Professional contractors can then use this representation to manage the project from start to finish—all before any actual construction begins.
BIM reduces a project’s cost, optimizes project scheduling and eliminates uncertainties early on. Using BIM allows us to demonstrate spatial constraints when potential problems arise during a project. We can use the helpful information from BIM to create new solutions, all within the constraints of a project’s budget.


Sustainability is huge in nearly every 21st century industry, and construction is no exception. Green building is a great way to show a commitment to the environment while also cutting costs, which is why it’s an important part of our business at Robertson & Olson Construction, Inc. Whether a client is aiming for LEED certification or is simply looking for strategies to reduce energy costs and environmental impact, we offer a huge range of green building solutions for projects of every type.

Green building starts with sustainable materials, and the availability of eco-friendly construction materials is always expanding to include new, cutting-edge options. At Robertson & Olson, we think it’s important to explore available materials close to home before turning to large-scale manufacturers. We often source local and recycled materials for our projects, and we encourage each of our clients to reuse and repurpose scraps from their job site, community or industry.

Sustainable building also means incorporating energy conservation into the design and construction of every building. By building energy savings into a project from the start, we know our clients will see short- and long-term savings that continue adding up for years to come.


Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building certification program that recognizes outstanding sustainable building and design throughout the world. Robertson & Olson is proud to have several LEED Accredited Professionals on staff who work closely with our estimating team to provide specific details on achieving various levels of LEED. We have built many LEED-certified buildings over the years, and we have all the resources you need if you’re interested in becoming certified by the world’s leading sustainable building experts.