Schedule Development & Control

At Robertson & Olson, we understand how important scheduling is for both our business and our clients. We strive to accurately schedule every project during the preconstruction phase using a wide variety of useful tools and the services of our knowledgeable preconstruction and estimating teams. Once a project’s schedule is finalized, we continually check to ensure we’re controlling the construction schedule effectively, so your project is finished on time, every time.

Schedule Development

Each project is unique, and so is its schedule for completion. Before we can establish an accurate schedule for a project, we must go through the preconstruction process. Robertson & Olson’s veteran estimator works closely with a project-specific estimating team of contractors and subcontractors, leads the preconstruction process. We develop a project’s schedule based on data from the estimating team, advanced cost analyses, value engineering and state-of-the-art digital software for building information modeling (BIM).

Schedule Control

Developing a schedule is a necessary start to every project, but adhering to it throughout the project is equally important. At Robertson & Olson, we take schedule control very seriously and understand how important project schedules are to our valued clients. Our weekly job meetings ensure every project is on target to be completed as scheduled. During this meeting, Robertson & Olson will present collaboratively developed progress reports to ensure everyone involved in the project is aware of any projected substitutions or changes that could affect the project schedule.