Project Execution

Communication & Transparency

Throughout the project execution phase, Robertson & Olson’s construction team takes great pride in maintaining frequent and open communications with our clients. Communication and transparency is vital to each project from concept to completion. This ensures understanding and consistency amongst our team members and subcontractors as well as with our client, who always remains a top priority. In order to achieve this, you can expect Robertson & Olson to continually:

  • Monitor actual vs. forecasted schedules and budgets
  • Validate actual to-design specifications
  • Report any variations to the architect, engineers, owner, etc.
  • Generate weekly progress and safety reports
  • Present all updates at weekly meetings
  • Manage requests for information (RFIs) and substitutions
  • Maintain all relevant project archives digitally

Construction Management

Project Execution

Despite Robertson & Olson’s huge growth over the past two decades, we’ve never let go of the small, start-up mentality that helped establish us as a leader in the Portland/Vancouver construction industry. We’ve grown from a modest group of local contractors into a multimillion-dollar firm serving clients throughout the western United States. However, as we continue to expand and evolve, our company’s goals, values and methodologies remain steadfast.

Robertson & Olson has always believed that quality workmanship starts at the top. Owner Matt Olson and his management team are an integral part of every project we manage, every step of the way. Matt treats each project as his own, and this mentality is reinforced at every level from top management all the way down to individual subcontractors.

Collaboration Subcontractors

Subcontractors are crucial to nearly every project at Robertson & Olson. Commonly subcontracted work for Robertson & Olson projects includes concrete curbing, electrical installation, landscaping design and asphalt paving.

We treat every client’s project as our own. Every subcontractor’s work quality must stand up to our meticulous requirements. No excuses! No exceptions!

During preconstruction planning, we select a project’s subcontractors by:

  1. Drawing from our extensive list of experienced, qualified, licensed and bonded subcontractors
  2. Considering new bids submitted for the project
  3. Narrowing down our options based on how relevant a subcontractor’s specific trade and specialty experience is to the project
  4. Applying our extensive prequalification process
  5. Using this information to select the best subcontractor for the project

Once we’ve selected a project’s subcontractors, those chosen become a part of the project’s construction team. We assure our subcontractors will complete whatever work they agree to with no outstanding issues. Once a subcontractor is on board, we continuously monitor his or her schedule, performance and quality of work.

As always, Robertson & Olson is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage sub-bids from all contractors, including emerging small business enterprises; those who are disadvantaged or disabled; and minorities, women and veterans.